Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vacation -Day 17 -Kirtland, OH

This morning, on our way to Kirtland, OH, we got to drive over the Toledo Skyway Bridge.
We stopped in Kirtland, Ohio to see some more LDS Church History sites. First was the Newel K. Whitney Store.
Below is the room that Joseph and Emma Smith lived in while they stayed with the Whitneys.
This next room is where Joseph Smith instructed the men.
This was Emma Smith's bedroom where she gave birth to twins.
The bed that Rebekah is modeling is where Orson Hyde, the store clerk, slept.
This was then Mrs. Whitney's bedroom in their home just across the street.
This was my favorite room of the house. Because there is a great story to it. In this room Joseph Smith healed "Elsa" Alice Jacobs Johnson (wife of John Johnson and my 5th great Grandmother). Elsa had chronic rheumatism in her arm. In the spring of 1831 a group of inquirers asked Joseph Smith, "Here is Mrs. Johnson with a lame arm; has God given any power to man now on the earth to cure her?" As the conversation shifted to another topic, Joseph crossed the room to leave. He paused on the way out and grasped Mrs. Johnson's hand, saying in a "solemn and impressive manner, 'Woman, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command thee to be whole.'" She was immediately able to raise and use her arm, which had been disabled for years. Several people were converted to the Church and baptized as a result of this miracle, including John and Elsa Johnson and their family. 
This is the John Johnson Inn. The interior is used as a visitors center. In 1834 it provided lodging, served as a Church office building, a community hall, and was the first printing office in Kirtland, OH. When Joseph Smith purchased some Egyptian mummies, they were displayed here. This building has been rebuilt, but sits on the same foundation. My ancestors, John and Elsa Johnson ran it.
This is the rebuilt Ashery where they made potash. 
This was Joseph and Emma Smith's home in Kirtland.
Finally, we toured the Kirtland Temple. 

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