Thursday, August 23, 2012

Learning to sew

This summer I signed Emma up for some sewing classes at our local Joann store. 

I have to say, I did have some problems with the way the employees and the store handled things. We had a teacher not show up for the class because she was out of town. Another time they decided to change the pattern after we signed up and not notify us. And another time they decided to change the time of the class and not notify us. Still another time I had a question about the supply list, the manager took down my info and said he would have the teacher call me. That never happened. 

Despite all the trouble I had with the store, Emma really enjoyed the classes. She learned a lot. She had been asking me to teach her how to sew but I just really didn't have the patience to do it. And I was afraid she would break my machine. I wanted someone else to teach her the basics and then I could help her from there. Here is what she made:

Sewing 101 -Pillowcase
Quilting 101 -Applique
 Sewing 102 -Sewing by hand, blanket stitch (she made and extra one for Rebekah)
Sewing 201 -Apron with bias tape
This one was a lot of work. They didn't have enough time to finish in class. I ended up pinning all the bias tape for her and then letting her just sew it together. But it turned out so cute and she really loves it. (Can you tell what her new favorite colors are??)

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