Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation -Day 11- Rhinelander, WI

About an hour outside of Rhinelander is a town called Minocqua. It is known as the "Island City" because a portion of the town is on an actual island. There are so many lakes there -10% of the total area of the town is water. We go to Minocqua for breakfast at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty. All you can eat lumberjack style breakfast. Emma and Michelle even got a slice of cake for their birthdays.
After our hearty breakfast we went to Holiday Acres for some family fun. We started off with the "slower" two-seater go karts.
The bigger "kids" went on the faster go karts.
Next we all went for a round of mini golf. 
Right after I took this picture of Emma she got stung by a bee. The bee landed on her finger while she was watching the others take their turn. She felt it land and shook her hand and OUCH!! Very traumatic experience for my sensitive girl. Luckily I had a first aid kit in the van. 

Rebekah was anxiously awaiting all day for a pony ride!

All that was just our morning. When we got back to our cabins in Rhinelander it was time to break out the jet skis. The Kings brought them. Everyone had a great time!
Emma and Shaylin
Clay and Spencer
Tallin, Rebekah, and Clay
They tied the tube to the 3-seater jet ski. Emma volunteered to ride backwards as the flagger.
You will notice that there are no photos of me on a jet ski. Mainly I didn't trust kids with our new camera near the water. Clay did take me out on one of the jet skis. And he dumped me in the water twice. The first time he stopped suddenly because his hat was about to fly off. He flipped the jet ski over. After that I wore the hat on my arm like an arm band. The second time we hit some wakes and he slowed down too fast. All I really know is that I flew off the side tumbling into the water. Clay  then landed on top of me. When I surfaced I realized that the hat was no longer on my arm. We looked for it, but it was long gone sinking to the bottom of the lake.

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