Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation -Day 14 -Happy Birthday Emma!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!!
We started out the morning by playing balloon toss with Grandma -it's a tradition.
Emma wanted to open her presents right after breakfast. We invited the Kings over to help celebrate. 
There were a few things Emma wanted to do on her birthday, but none of them could be done in the cold rain outside. So we decided to go out Hodag hunting. There are several Hodag statues around the town. We had seen some. Now we were going to go out and find them all! We started out at the Visitors Information Center to get a map of the Hodag locations.

 The sun finally broke through the clouds. We headed back to the cabin for lunch and birthday cake. I talked Emma into an oreo ice cream cake for her birthday. I didn't want to try making a cake for her in a small electric oven while on vacation. Nor did I want to cart all my decorating tools with me. She was very happy with the ice cream cake. 
One of the things she most wanted from Wisconsin was a Cheese Hat. No, we are not Green Bay fans.  She just really likes cheese.
 The kids went out on the lake for a swim.
 For dinner Emma wanted to go out for pizza. We went to Clay's favorite pizza joint just outside of town -Pizza Haven. They gave her a birthday cheesecake for dessert. She thought that was great for a cheesy girl!

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