Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hershey Park

We went up to Hershey Park again. We really enjoy it. 

Started off the night before at Chocolate World were we had dinner and went on the simulated factory tour ride and got our free piece of chocolate at the end of the ride. Then off to the park for preview night. They have a new ride called Skyrush. Emma was tall enough so we tried to talk her into going on with us. She chickened out at the last minute and waited with Rebekah. I AM SO GLAD SHE DID. That was a scary ride! It only has a lap bar --no shoulder harness. BOTH Clay and I felt like we were going to fall out of our seats -literally. There are no loops on the ride, just lots of steep up and downs to make you feel like you are falling. I was sliding around and grabbed on to the lap bar to stay in my seat. The thought of skinny little Emma on that ride was not a pleasant one. 
We all went on the SooperDooperLooper. Rebekah kept her head down and eyes closed. She asked Clay to tell her when it was over. When we got off the ride I asked her if she liked it. She said sort of. I asked if she wanted to go again and she said no. 

The next day the girls really had a great time together.
  Clay and Emma went on The Claw. There was no way I was going on that. I think they enjoyed it. Clay's in the green shirt and Emma is next to him. Below, Clay has his arm out.

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