Friday, May 29, 2009


Emma has been taking a gymnastics class. Today was the last one. While I was taking pictures I realized that Emma is double-jointed in her elbows. you can't really tell in this picture, but when she holds her arms out "strait" they actually go up to a point in the middle. Who knew?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Every year a large group from our church goes camping for Memorial Day weekend. This is about the only time we go camping. We drove out to Big Meadows in Shenandoah Park.

Last year Clay & Emma went by themselves due to some health issues I was having. We didn't go the year before that since Rebekah was still a newborn. So this year we needed a larger tent to fit the four of us.

Our walk through the meadow.

Trying to get warm in the morning.

Group breakfast!
Emma with her best friend Elizabeth.

This is how Rebekah likes to eat her breakfast. And no I don't let her put her feet on the table at home!

Rebekah found a hammock.

Going on a hike to the highest point in the park.

Family shot at the top.

Rebekah fell asleep on the way back down.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back home

We had a great time in Hawaii. Everyday that I talked to Emma she asked if I bought her a lei yet. Well, we did more than that. We got them each a lei, necklace, hair clip, and mu'u mu'us. Thank you Angela for sewing the mu'u mu'us!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Germaine's Luau

We went to Germaine's Luau out near Ko'Olina since it was on the beach. Last time we went to the luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center, which was great, but really big, like stadium seating. Since this one was right on the beach, it was a much smaller setting and we were way closer to the dancers than before.

Growing up in southern California, we had a lot of Samoans and Tongans, and I can't tell you how many luaus I went to. The dancing is fun to watch, but not really that exciting for me. The food, however, is always really good. You really can't beat the flavor of the kalua pork.

Poi ball hula.

Tahitian hula.

Fire dancing.

Kailua Beach

When we were here 5 years ago, we were talking with a local and asked her what her favorite beach was. This is it -Kailua Beach. The water is clear, the sand is super fine, and it is just beautiful. We didn't have anything planned until the evening, so we packed a lunch and sat on the beach all day reading the last Twilight book.

I know, I'm a dork. I got such a bad sunburn while snorkeling that I did not want to risk getting worse. So that is where I sat all day.

Here's Clay in that beautiful water.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kualoa Ranch -more Lost

I love the mountains on the windward side of Oahu. They look like a giant sleeping dinosaur.

Here we are with China Man's Hat in the background.

Another pretty flower, I don't know what kind it is.

We took a 2 hour horseback ride at Kualoa Ranch. Part of the reason for the ride was that Kualoa Ranch is popular filming location. Some movies that were filmed here are 50 First Dates; You, Me & Dupree; Jurassic Park; and Lost. :)

Here is Clay on his horse, Michelin (like the tires, and Rebekah).

More of Kane'ohe Bay and the beautiful colors of the water.

My horse, Hercules.

More cool mountains.

This is the dead tree from Jurassic Park. This is the scene when Dr. Grant and little Tim are watching the dinosaurs run and change directions, just like a flock of birds, right for them and they hid under the tree to keep from getting trampled.

Not much to see here, but a great Lost sight. To the right was where Hurley made his golf course. And to the left, up the hill, is where they pushed Hurley down the hill to jump start the Dharma van. It is actually a short hill that they just filmed over and over again. I couldn't get a good picture of either b/c I was on a moving horse.

A footprint from Godzilla.

More cool mountains with a lone Monkeypod tree at the top.

Oahu's marine corps base is just at the tail of this turtle shaped peninsula.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Snorkeling & Lost adventure

On Monday we went on Capt Bob's Picnic Sail. We went 5 years ago and loved it so much that we did it again. It is a snorkel trip in Kane'ohe bay. First we went out to the sandbar and played volleyball while the "crew" grilled up some burgers for lunch. Then they take you to a coral reef about the size of a football field in the shape of a crescent moon. It was great. We saw tons of sea turtles. Clay and I went around the reef twice. I forgot to put sunblock on and got burned on my backside. Oh well, at least it was after the wedding. Again, all my pictures are on the waterproof camera.

UPDATE: Here are the pictures!

Clay walking on the sandbar.

Some rainbow fish.
Can you find the sea turtle in these next pictures???

The crew on our two boat rides told us about some Lost venues, so we spent the rest of the day driving around the island to see all the Lost sights.
The fuselage, covered by a tarp right by the road.

The submarine dock with China Man's hat in the background.

The dock a little closer.

The LDS Temple in Laie. It is closed for renovations right now.

Old burnt out church we drove by.

More hibiscus.

The Other's Village is a YMCA camp. Here is the spooky cabin that Christian met Sun and Lopitas.

This has been used for the registration, cafeteria, hostage holding area, and other things.

Another view of the Assembly Hall.

The houses.

More houses. They just have bunk beds inside, no kitchen, living room, or anything.

Ending the day with another Hawaiian sunset.