Friday, May 17, 2013

Pinewood Derby

I thought I would never have to worry about doing a pinewood derby since I have girls. 
I was wrong.
We put on a pinewood derby night for the Activity Day girls at church. 
This was not your typical derby. Check out the decorations.
 First we had the pit stop for the girls to make adjustments for to meet the weight requirements.
Thankfully, the Cub Master set up the track for us. We added the cones and checkered flags :) And the  display table for the cars. Look at those cute candy cars one of our leaders made!
Next we had a couple of fun games for the girls to do while waiting for all the cars to get checked in.
I was in charge of Derby Darts. I guess it was a kind of a cross between darts and shuffleboard. We made a target on the floor. The idea was to aim and roll your car to stop in the center of the bullseye. 
We had a scavenger hunt for the girls. We printed out about 10 different road signs and hid them throughout the room. The girls had a sheet to make off as they found them.

The final game was "Straight as an Arrow". A simple test to see how well your car is aligned. See how far your car can go before it crosses the line. 
This was a Daddy/Daughter activity. We set up this little backdrop to take pictures of each girl with their father (or mom) and their car.

Finally, it was time for the race.  
 After the race was time for refreshments. We set up a donut bar. 
Here are all the cars the girls made. My favorite was the giraffe face car. So cute!! I also loved the floral car covered with duct tape. What a great idea.
Here's Emma's car. She designed her car to look like Crumbelina DiCarmello. She was one of the Sugar Rush racers in Wreck-It Ralph. There is a sticky-sugary-sweet dance-along song for the Sugar Rush game that you can listen to here. I think I just got a sugar rush from watching that video.

 Emma did a great job copying the car. Here car finished in the middle for the race. But Emma won the Straight As An Arrow game and came in a close 2nd in Derby Darts. 

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