Saturday, August 24, 2013


Another trip to the beach with the Rosenlunds. Thankfully there were no jellyfish this time. We went back to Lewes Beach. The kids seemed to like that they could swim out a lot farther here.

The kids would not let us leave the beach without going back to the little amusement park.
We tried out a new place for dinner. Outside was this sign on the wall.
After dinner we all got ice cream. Hooray for ice cream!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

CAR Workshop 2

Back from vacation with our family. 
The girls had another C.A.R. Workshop out in Staunton, VA. Rebekah had a fun time going up and participating in the skits.
The Rosenlunds met us in Staunton for the workshop. They were on their way home from their own vacation. The kids were glad to see each other again. Clay and Jeremy went hiking on the AT while we had our meeting.
Rebekah won these crazy sunglasses with earrings attached as a prize. The girls had a great time trying them on and taking photos on the drive home.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rocks and Root Beer

The girls started another cool project with Emma's nail polish kit. They started decorating rocks. Actually everyone took the time to decorate a rock.
Bruce and Clay hanging out under the tree.
We stopped at another park overlooking the water. The girls and Clay had fun playing around.
The day before we left to go back home Deanna told us there was a Root Beer store just north of Seattle. We HAT to stop there and try out a few different flavors. 
We picked these three for a taste test. We didn't like the So Duh! We did like the Steelhead and Bulldog. I liked the Steelhead better. I ordered that in my root beer float. Now that we know about it, we need to go back there next time we are in Seattle.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mud Kitchen

Iluma had a little mud kitchen in the backyard. Rebekah and Iluma loved playing in it. 
It was good MESSY fun!
Iluma also had this pretty cool little fairy garden.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rock Climing

Clay found this great new place in Bellingham to go rock climbing. It was a pretty cool looking place. Emma actually really loves rock climbing. She doesn't go often, but is pretty good at it.
Okay, I know this video is sideways. I blame it on Clay. And we don't have any editing software that allows us to turn it. 
These other guys were pretty amazing to watch. Sometimes just hanging from the wall by one arm.
Later that day we went to the Farmer's Market. Emma found a hula hoop to try out. I took a video of her awesome hula hoop skills, but it is way too big a file to post here. So you will just have to settle for this photograph.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday Party

Today Emma turns 11. 
We had a family party for her down in Lake Stevens at Granddad & Grandma Kris' house. Aunt Allison came over with some great party ideas. First she brought out her most awesome box of beads. She let Emma pick out beads and design a necklace. The she brought out a blank canvas and some gel markers for us all to decorate and sign our names as a keepsake for Emma's birthday. Isn't Allison the coolest!!
Granddad was busy making lunch for all of us while Kris and Deanna kept the grandkids entertained.
Onto the presents!
Time for cake!! 
This year she got another Dairy Queen cake. It is just too hard to make fancy cakes when on vacation. I would not have been able to go canoeing and whale watching with everyone. So this is just easier. And she was totally happy with an ice cream cake.
Trying out the 'stache glasses.
Grandma Kris had another great project for the kids. She has a little Children's Garden at the entrance to their subdivision. She had a few plants for the grandkids to add to the garden. 
Emma put her nail polish kit to work right away. Everyone was lining up for Emma's Exceptional Spa. When she did mine she wanted it to be a surprise. She covered my head with some tissue paper and then put my sunglasses over it so it would stay one. 
Cypress was a great sport to let Rebekah brush her hair. Seems Rebekah gets away with a lot of things other don't because she is so cute.