Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation -Day 13 -Rhinelander, WI

We went to the Rhinelander logging museum. The kids had lots of fun looking at things and playing inside the trains. They even had a cool miniature train set of the town.
Rebekah did not like being up on the bunk.
The museum had a whole section on the Civilian_Conservation_Corps or CCC. That was neat to learn about and neat to have Deanna with us to see. Her father came to Chandler, OK with the CCC. It was there that he met and fell in love with a young lady named Flora Mae. The rest is history!
That afternoon Clay took the ladies out in the row boat while I had some quiet time in the cabin by myself :)
We tried to go to the Water Ski show on Boom Lake that night. It was cancelled due to the rain. However, I did get another loon siting.

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