Monday, January 16, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Here we are starting off at the Magic Kingdom. I took this picture of Alice and the White Rabbit for my SiL Heather. I wish she had been there to make us stop and take a group picture in front of the castle.

We got a good glimpse of what they are adding to Fantasy land -Belle's castle, Ariel's castle and a village area. Scheduled to open fall of this year.
I was the official FPP of our group -Fast Pass Person. I raced ahead to get fast passes for our group, checked times for when the next ones were available, and then raced ahead to get more. It's a system. And if you work it can have a great time and not wait in line. It was also a benefit to have Hallie with us. Some of the rides you could show the handicap pass and walk to the front.
Here's Clay and Jeremy with Evan and Rebekah.

Growing up in southern California, I am much more familiar with Disneyland than WDW. It is always fun for me to see what is different between the two. One of the big things that scared the kids is that Space Mountain is a single-seater ride. They chickened out because they wanted someone sitting next to them. Also it didn't have any music with it. At Disneyland there are speakers in your headrest that blare music that is synced with the ride. On the other hand, Disneyland does not have this cool interactive grave yard in the line for Haunted Mansion. Did you notice that the tea cups have a roof over it? It's a Small World is completely indoors and hard to recognize when walking by. The horses that the girls are riding is NOT King Arthur's Carousel with my favorite lead horse Jingles (I liked the old coloring better), but Prince Charming's.

A treat that night was watching the Electric Parade and the fireworks. An added addition was a projection_show on the castle. Pretty cool stuff.

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