Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Animal Kingdom

We started our day in the Animal Kingdom at Everest. Melinda took those who couldn't and wouldn't ride on the Safari ride. Poor Evan was just a finger's width too short. Rebekah was tall enough and loved it! If you look closely at these pictures you will see a bright green shirt in the front seat. That's Clay with Jeremy next to him.

Here's Emma a little wind blown after the ride. We walked right on 4 times in succession.
We walked through the jungle trek. There we saw the flying foxes. They give me the creeps. We saw them on our honeymoon in Australia. They were the red-faced flying foxes. There were hundreds of them hanging in each tree that we walked under in the Royal_Botanic_Gardens by the Sydney Opera House. Very scary when you see them all above you just before dusk and they are starting to stir... We also got to watch an Eld's Deer sparring with a bull.

While Animal Kingdom is my least favorite park, this trip proved to be very exciting for all of us, especially the kids (as you will see later). While at the Flights of Wonder show I got picked to come up on stage and get pictures of a great horned owl flying towards me. I took a video but the owl flew out of my line of shot. Oh well.

On to the safari. We got to see all kinds of animals. Here are two of them -a hippo and giraffe.

It was just starting to sprinkle, so we made our way to the Lion King Festival. First the kids were asked to lead the audience in a hand jive before the show started.
Then Rebekah was asked to help represent our section as a giraffe. I did not know that giraffes sounded like sheep. Nor did Rebekah.

Finally during the show the kids were asked to join in making music for one of the songs.
The kids loved all the attention. They had a great time. When the show was over it was still raining so we headed home.

That evening Jeremy, Melinda, Clay and I went out to dinner. We left the kids at the house with pizza and ice cream and Jeremy's mother. Thanks Oma!! We had dinner at the California_Grill in one of the Disney resorts. It was excellent food. We also got to watch the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom during dinner. When we ordered dessert they brought out an extra one for Clay for his birthday.

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