Sunday, January 15, 2012

Florida here we come!!

Our friends the Rosenlunds invited us to go to Walt Disney World with them (twist my arm!). If you haven't guessed yet we do a lot with these guys. Surprising that we don't get sick of each other. But I guess this is the ultimate test of friendship -sharing a house together for a week on vacation.

We spent all day Saturday driving down to Florida and met them that night. They rented a 7 bedroom house for all of us --5 adults and 7 kids (Jeremy's mom came too). The house had a pool. After church all the kids wanted to go swimming. The pool was on the north side of the house and proved to be a bit cold. As the kids came in shaking and with blue lips I quickly directed them to the front of the house where there was abundant sunshine. It felt so good to just sit and soak in some vitamin D.

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Kerry said...

I love this picture. Pasty white people from the North getting their sunshine fix.