Friday, January 27, 2012

Life with eggs!

Allergies run in my family. I was allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts when I was little. I grew out of all of them by the time I was in middle school. Looking back, I probably could have used an EpiPen for my peanut allergy. Did they even have those when we were kids?? I remember that it would (1) make my tongue, neck and throat itch, (2) I would get red "9"s around my eyes, (3) I would start to have trouble breathing, and (4) I would eventually vomit. I also had a whole slew of environmental/seasonal allergies. I remember having allergy scratch tests and allergy shots. Finally, I went to an NAET chiropractor and that seemed to make the biggest difference for me.

Naturally, with my history of allergies, and my nephew also having allergies, I was cautious with my girls in starting foods with them. Emma started having problems when I started her on solids at 6 months old. I took her in and she was allergic to milk. In a couple years it became an intolerance and by the time she started kindergarten she had outgrown it completely. Now she eats cheese and drinks milk daily!!

I waited until Rebekah was a year old to give her eggs. When I finally did she seemed to like it. Then we got in the car and she puked all over it. I took her in to confirm her allergy. About a year_later she had some croissants that had an egg wash on them. She threw up tons and later broke out in a rash all over her body. That night we entered the world of EpiPen users.

Well, here we are 3 years later and I am happy to report that Rebekah is NO LONGER allergic to eggs!! Her allergy test came back "mild" so the doctor told me to feed her some eggs in a baked good. I made molasses ginger cookies. I gave her one and waited and hour. Then I gave her another one and waited... She ended up having 5 cookies that day with no problem. After that we had an appointment for a food challenge. I brought scrambled eggs with me to the doctors office. They started with the tiniest bit of egg and over the course of 2 hours finally got her up to a heaping tablespoon, all with no reaction.

Here she is enjoying her first ever Eggo waffle for breakfast! We went out last week for some birthday ice cream and she had her first ever doughnut -pink frosting with rainbow sprinkles :)

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Kerry said...

Yeah!!!! Eggs are so good! I'm glad Rebekah can enjoy them now. And what a relief for you guys!