Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whale Watching

What Emma wanted most for her birthday was to go whale watching. We booked a cruise on the Victoria Star from Bellingham to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.
Then we got to see the Orcas. I took A LOT of pictures. It was actually quite tricky to have my camera zoomed in close watching and waiting for the whales to surface and trying to keep it steady as the boat bobbed up and down. Quite a challenge I tell you. Then trying to guess where they will surface, have the camera focused and ready to take the shot. Well, that's why I kept taking so many pictures. Clay was laughing at me. He knew when I got the shot because I shouted out "YES!" right after I captured a cool moment. 
As we pulled into Friday Harbor, Emma spotted this cute little harbor seal. 
Emma was so happy to have seen so many Orcas. In Friday Harbor we checked out The Whale Museum. They had all kinds of great information about the pod of Orcas we saw.
On the way back to Bellingham the girls had fun dressing up Granddad's hair.

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