Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Clay had told the girls we would go canoeing on Crescent Lake when we were on the Olympic Peninsula. However, the weather made us have to switch our plans around and canoeing got left out. The girls were very disappointed. So, being the great Hero Dad that he is, Clay called around and found a place for us to go. We went down to AM Beach (just on the east side of PM Beach). 
We had a good time. Though we had to make some adjustments to the seating arrangements to balance out the boats. Deanna and Emma had a hard time getting around the island. The wind blew really hard, so unless you had two really strong people at the oars you were not going to make it. We switched it up again and were finally able to get Emma around the island. 
These two fell asleep as soon as they got buckled into the car. We had to wake them up for lunch.
Rebekah and Iluma enjoyed playing with the jukebox at the A&W Restaurant.
We must have done something else between lunch and dinner. I can't remember. Maybe it was just getting cleaned up. But here they are at dinner. It's Fairhaven Fish & Chips. All your food is served out of this old double-decker bus.
After dinner we drove down to Marine Park.
Here's Deanna with all her grandkids!

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