Monday, August 5, 2013

Party in the backyard

This right here was really my favorite part of the whole trip.
Everyone just sitting and chatting outside eating dinner. I love how we were all just hanging out together because we enjoyed each other. I love the perfect 70 degree weather with NO bugs or humidity. Just a nice gentle breeze bringing the smell of those sweet peas. I love how the chairs didn't match and it wasn't perfectly decorated. But it was warm, friendly, cozy, casual, and inviting. Check out that awesome screen door Adrian just built! It was just such a perfect place to come together and reconnect with each other. Not perfectly decorated, but perfect all the same.
I think I have gotten really caught up in all these perfectly decorated and perfectly presentable homes out here. All homes of people who make much more money than we do. I get a bit starry eyed in their homes. And I feel like I have all these projects and things to buy to make my home more presentable and up to standards. That's all very nice, and looks really nice too. But unless it has this sense of connecting and inviting...There's nothing special to it. I need to reevaluate my priorities again.
All the kids had fun trying on Grandad's glasses.

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