Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hoh Rainforest & Forks, WA

On our way out this morning we stopped by Lake Crescent. It's a beautiful blue lake created by glaciers. We spent some time skipping stones on the lake.
This tree on the right is a Madrone tree. It is native to the pacific northwest. When Clay's sister got married they chose this tree as a new last name for their new family. Isn't it a cool looking tree?!

We took the Spruce Nature trail in the Hoh Rain forest. 
There was moss and greens going on everything!! Even the trees were growing on old trees called "nurse logs". Here's an example of a "nurse log". The old fallen tree provides nutrients to the new seedlings. Then the roots of the new tree grow around the old tree. Eventually, the old tree deteriorates til there is nothing left, leaving big gaps or tunnels under the new trees.
This colonnade was a great example of many trees growing from one "nurse log".

I loved these little spots I found. They look a stage for a fairy gathering. Like I might suddenly see Puck (Midsummer Night's Dream) or a nymph or a satyr playing some music.
Look at the moss growing on these trees! Where's Mama Odie?
"You sure this is the right blind voodoo lady who lives in the boat in the tree in the bayou?" 
We found this old riverbed along the way. Emma and the girls practiced skipping rocks again.
We got lots of poses from Rebekah and Iluma at different spots. You can really see the differences in their personalities. So funny. But they got along great.
Most of the time the girls ran ahead of us. At one point they came screaming back to us, Iluma was almost in tears. They said they saw eyes watching them in the woods. I scouted out ahead and found this:
We stopped in Forks on the way back. I had to jump out and take a few pictures of all the fun Twilight references.

The car above is the 1953 Chevy that Bella drives in the book.
Below is the 1963 Chevy that she drives in the movie.
I walked into a souvenir shop to see if I could find a tshirt or something. I didn't end up getting any but took a picture of the ones that made me giggle.
We crossed the treaty line to go to Rialto Beach (just north of La Push).
Rialto had lots of driftwood, lots of rocks, and was windy and very cold.
On our way back to our rental in Sequim we passed and Elk farm. I saw lots of elk when I was living in Idaho, but the girls hadn't ever seen them.
This was the driveway to our rental. 

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