Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday Party

Today Emma turns 11. 
We had a family party for her down in Lake Stevens at Granddad & Grandma Kris' house. Aunt Allison came over with some great party ideas. First she brought out her most awesome box of beads. She let Emma pick out beads and design a necklace. The she brought out a blank canvas and some gel markers for us all to decorate and sign our names as a keepsake for Emma's birthday. Isn't Allison the coolest!!
Granddad was busy making lunch for all of us while Kris and Deanna kept the grandkids entertained.
Onto the presents!
Time for cake!! 
This year she got another Dairy Queen cake. It is just too hard to make fancy cakes when on vacation. I would not have been able to go canoeing and whale watching with everyone. So this is just easier. And she was totally happy with an ice cream cake.
Trying out the 'stache glasses.
Grandma Kris had another great project for the kids. She has a little Children's Garden at the entrance to their subdivision. She had a few plants for the grandkids to add to the garden. 
Emma put her nail polish kit to work right away. Everyone was lining up for Emma's Exceptional Spa. When she did mine she wanted it to be a surprise. She covered my head with some tissue paper and then put my sunglasses over it so it would stay one. 
Cypress was a great sport to let Rebekah brush her hair. Seems Rebekah gets away with a lot of things other don't because she is so cute.

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