Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome to Seattle

This morning we flew up to Seattle, WA. Clay's mom, Deanna, picked us up at the airport. She took us up to Capital Hill and Volunteer Park. The girls loved the chance to run around the playground.
There was this HUGE crazy looking tree.
Just up from the park was the Conservatory. A very cool looking building. Unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays. Maybe next time we visit.
We had lunch at mexican restaurant. We were very surprised when they said Chips & Salsa cost $8. What?? A mexican place that doesn't offer free chips & salsa? Our waitress said that was normal. We most definitely disagree.

After our disappointing lunch we drove down to the harbor. Doesn't that ferris wheel look cool? It looked cool, but the price was too high for all of us. So we watched the jellyfish in the water for free. Then we went inside the fun center to ride the carousel and play games. 

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