Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playground fun

The best breakfast food is found at King's Hawaiian Restaurant in Torrance, CA. 
I'm sure you've seen those packages of King's Hawaiian sweet rolls at the grocery store. Their bakery is in southern California. And they have just one restaurant, which happens to be walking distance from my parent's house. Now picture that nice round loaf of sweet bread turned into french toast topped with powdered sugar. Serve that up with maple or coconut syrup and sides of eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes. Wash it all down with a glass of P.O.G. (passion, orange, guava juice). So good! Well, I didn't say it was good for you, but it's definitely good on the palate. 
My family! (missing my brother & family in Shanghai, nephew on a mission, and other brother & wife)
After breakfast we walked to Hickory Park. This awesome playground was just outside my elementary school fence. So much cooler than the playground on campus. The very old rocket ship is still there and still the best feature. We hung out in the shade while the kids played for more than an hour.
After we said goodbye to my sister and her family, we borrowed my parents car to drive down to Orange County to meet some friends from high school. The girls jumped in the back seat. They soon were asking us what that thing on the door was for. Puzzled we turned to look at what they were talking about.
It was the hand crank to roll down the window!
Yes, the girls have grown up in an era of automatic windows. 
Emma laughed and laughed as she rolled the window up and down. 

We decided to meet up with my friends at a park so that all the kids could play. There were a lot of kids between us! My best friends Rachel and Cathy, and our families.

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Heather Rose-Chase said...

That is kinda hilarious! I remember finding a cassette tape as we prepared to move to Macau and the boys asked how you were supposed to fit it in an iPod...