Friday, July 26, 2013

Venice Beach

Clay flew in on Friday to join us for the rest of our family vacation. It was a beautiful day and we decided to go walk around Venice Beach.
Here my sisters and I are having a good laugh trying to be taller than each other. 
There was a fun playground that the girls enjoyed.
We walked by Muscle Beach, but there wasn't much going on there at the time. 
There was also this really cool skate board park. We stopped and watch some really talented kids.
Walking by the shops in Venice Beach is not for the faint of heart. 
There are all sorts of smells and sights that you don't find in quiet suburbia. The girls were a bit dumbstruck. But not so much that they couldn't find voice to a few questions that took quite a bit of care to explain. One of the most numerous shops was the Green Doctors. For just $40 you can get legalized medicinal marijuana. All you have to do is give them an excuse by admitting to any number of maladies. Just for fun, Clay and Layne went over to see what kind of questions they asked to qualify for a medical need. When they came back Clay triumphantly announced, "Heidi you would qualify with just the first few questions!" Nice.
Now, just take a  moment to contrast the craziness of the Venice Beach Walk with the beautiful and peaceful scene of the Venice canals just a few blocks away. I didn't even know these existed!
I would love to own one of these homes! But I'm not sure I would want to live so close to the crazy stuff.

Back to walking along the beach.
Apparently this is the World's smallest front yard. I haven't verified it.
We were mesmerised by this bird's nest/treehouse home.
The cousins liked this purple house.
In Venice Beach you can also find mounted police.
Emma loved this pink mustache. Well, except that it was pink. Any other color and she probably would have bought it. We even saw a few cars with giant fuzzy pink mustaches on the front. Turns out it's a ride sharing service. You can request a ride through an app on your phone. 

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