Saturday, July 6, 2013


A trip to Rehoboth Beach with the Rosenlunds.
The sand was covered with jellyfish. We've never seen that before. Just the clear ones. The life guard said they are harmless, but there were a few red ones that do sting. She said it only hurts for about 20 minutes and it helps to run some sand on your leg. Well, we ALL got stung. You could see the red ones floating in the water. The kids didn't want to go in the water anymore. What's a beach without the water?
So we packed up and drove over to Lewes Beach. It has a protected bay so there aren't really any waves. The kids liked it a lot better. And they could walk really far out before it got too deep for them. I thought the water was a bit filmy from all the motor boats in the bay.

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