Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swimming, Cousins, and Riding Lesson

We had a fun-filled, action-packed, non-stop day today. We started the morning with swim practice. At some point Emma took my iPod and made this video for her dad and emailed it to him.
After practice we went back to the pool to meet up with my cousin Patience, who moved out here almost a year ago. We had a great time chatting and catching up while our girls played together.
 From there we hurried and changed so Rebekah could go to her horse riding lesson. She entered a drawing when we were at the Flower_And_Garden_Festival  in April. She won!! It is just a one time lesson, but Rebekah was so excited. She currently wants to be a Horse Rider when she grows up. In this first picture she has her arms out to the side to get a feel for the horse.
 Side note: My camera is not working properly anymore. It won't take any picture with a flash. Sorry these are bad. The pony and Rebekah would not stay still long enough for my camera to work. I finally just switched to video to capture it. That turned out much better.

The owner was very impressed with Rebekah. Said she did a great job sitting straight on the pony. Emma was heart-broken that she couldn't take lessons too. They were very nice to let Emma do a quick lap or two on Cocoa, the pony.
After the lesson we hurried back home to eat and change for Emma's swim meet.

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