Saturday, June 2, 2012

DAR/CAR Family Picnic

We had our annual DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) chapter family picnic. This year we got to combine it our CAR chapter. 
Melinda and I went around taking "Voices" to raise money for the DAR schools.
Rebekah and Emma getting sworn in as officers for Chaplin and Library/Curator, respectively.
Getting their award for attendance, service, and learning. Notice those cool lanyards, yeah, I did those.
Here is Rebekah talking to her friend Rebekah. :)
While the DAR business portion was going on, this was happening. I had no  idea, I was busy doing "Voices".
At the end we had a flag retirement ceremony. The older man on the far right had a faded flag to retire. He bought it just days after he returned home from World War II. It has been flying at his home ever since. It was very emotional for him, and I got choked up as he was telling us the story. 

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Kerry said...

When I first saw the last picture I thought that kid's hair was on fire! Sure looks like it, even when I look closer.