Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family Genes

We were sitting around the dinner table tonight, talking about weird family genes. Emma had been learning about it in her Futura class. They went around the class to see who could roll their tongue, and who could not. Emma was having a hard time with it. Then Rebekah piped in that she could go cross-eyed. Emma was having a hard time with that too.

I decided to look into it some more and found these websites with lists Quick_Reference_Sheet and List_of_fun_Traits. Then I decided to make a list of what we can and can't do.

Seems I am the one with the bulk of the weird genes. I forgot to include the "Billy Idol lip curl". Yeah, I can do that one too.

Trait Clay Heidi Emma Rebekah
roll tongue X X x X
left-handed X
freckles X
curly hair X X ?
allergies X X X
achoo syndrome (sneeze in bright light) ? X
bent pinkie X x
hand clasp (left thumb on top) R L L R
folded arms (right arm on top) L R L R
mid-digit hair X x
vulcan hand x X
touch fingers behind back X x x
2nd toe longer x X x
double-jointed thumb x X x x
hitchikers thumb slight slight
bend top joint of finger only X
bend leg behind head x
Placing flat hands on the floor with straight legs X x
Left knee bending backward x
Right knee bending backward
Left elbow bending backward x x
Right elbow bending backward x
Left thumb touching the forearm X x x
Right thumb touching the forearm X x x
Wiggle your ears X
Move left and right eyebrows independently X
go cross-eyed X X X

Some other traits that none of us have: widow's peak, attached earlobe, cleft chin, dimples, and color blindness. What about you?? What unique things can you do?

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