Saturday, April 21, 2012

CAR and the Flower & Garden Festival

Our day began with a Children of the American Revolution (CAR) meeting. We met a the Red_Rock_Wilderness_Overlook. Emma and Rebekah, along with the Rosenlunds, we inducted into the society. My girls have been members since our the local chapter was organized in August, but we missed that first meeting. Our local chapter is called the Reverend_John_Marks_Society. My friend, Wendy Bye (in the orange jacket below) is the Senior Society President, and I have been serving as the Senior Society Vice President. The youth hold offices, but there is always a "Senior" member to help and assist with each office. After the official business was over we went on a short hike down to the Potomac River. It was a beautiful day.
This beautiful dragonfly got tangled in Rebekah's hair. The other Rebekah  worked hard to get him out.
 Once we got back from the hike we headed into town for the Annual Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival. My favorite part of spring! I love just to walk around and look at all the displays to get ideas landscaping and gardening. 
Love this little natural stone bench!
Rebekah got a butterfly painted on her cheek.

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