Saturday, June 9, 2012

Swim team

Yea, it the first day of summer vacation!!! We get to sleep in, nothing to do... 
Nope. How about being at the pool by 7:00 am for a swim meet.

This is Emma's third year being on swim team. They started a mini team, so we signed up Rebekah too. It comes out to about 7 weeks of crazy schedules, and then it's done. We have 5 practices and 2 swim meets every week. It's a lot. But the girls really improve their swimming. And really, I don't know that I would every go to the pool if it wasn't for this.

Today was just a trial run. Not a real swim meet, but a chance for the team to see what a meet will be like and get a time for the swimmers to go off of. 

This is Rebekah's first time swimming. She really can't make it across the pool yet. But she is ready. Look at her. First one in line, and ready to go. 
She didn't get too far before she grabbed onto the rope.
One of the junior coaches jumped in to help her finish. So proud of Rebekah for giving it her best!!
Clay (yellow) and I (wide brim hat) got our volunteer hours in early.
Here's Emma doing freestyle
and breaststroke
and butterfly.

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Kerry said...

This made me tear up, feeling so proud of both of them. Way to go Rebekah! Way to go Emma!