Friday, April 27, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

The last time we went to Colonial_Williamsburg, I looked like this:
6 months pregnant with Emma. We went for our 3rd anniversary in 2002.

Now it is 2012, ten years later. Seems like a good time to go again. Emma is in 4th grade and has been studying Virginia history. She has also been asking to go ever since she bought Felicity, her American Girl doll. It is a perfect time to go again. Rebekah also brought the doll she just got for Christmas. 

 They loved trying out the games at the Children's building.
 First we toured the governor's palace and grounds. 
The symbol of England with a chained up Scotland. On the governor's palace and above the gate as you walked in.
Okay, this is the ONLY picture that I am actually in. Had to prove that I was there.
I love all the detail in the molding in these old homes.
 When we came out they were demonstrating some various children's games. The girls (and Clay) tried their had and rolling the hoop. It proved to be very difficult.
 Rebekah really wanted us to buy this hat for her. It was $40 and would have been broken before we even returned home. Though it does bring out her eyes. We took a picture instead.

 Check out this really cool tree. It was huge! We couldn't figure out what kind of tree it was. Turns out  it is a crepe myrtle. Never have I seen one with such a huge trunk. It was a very old tree. We went inside the wig shop. Learned some very interesting things. Like the fact that the rich would shave their heads and wear a wig instead. Rebekah really wanted this braided piece with the pearls. Behind the Weaver's shop was the best garden in Colonial Williamsburg.
 "Look, I'm a tree." 
 This was absolutely the best tour guide I have ever seen. He kept things interesting for both the young people and the adults. I learned so many new things from him, and I thought I had been learning a lot from Emma's homework this year. 

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