Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dolphin Encounter

For the last few years now we have been encouraging Emma to set a goal for the Accelerated Reader program at school. This year she set a goal to get 250 points. For a reward she requested time with a dolphin. Emma reached her goal!! We took her to the Baltimore Aquarium for a Dolphin Encounter.

Emma and I started with an information meeting in a small room. It was go great. We learned all about each of the dolphins at the aquarium. They had a question and answer period where the kids could ask anything they wanted to know about dolphins. Emma wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. We learned that she needs a degree in Animal Psychology and not Marine Biology. Marine Biology is to study the animals at a distance. Animal Psychology is to actually interact with the animals. They did such a good job of giving us the kind of information that we were interested in and helpful to know.

Then we went out to watch the dolphin show. Clay and Rebekah got to sit with us for that part.
 After the show Emma and I got to go down to the pools and meet the dolphins. I was just there to take pictures and videos. But I was still so close to the dolphins. I got splashed several times. Emma was allowed to play, touch, and work with the dolphins.
Here are some fun video clips I took. Playing catch. Tickling the dolphin. Jumping through a hoop. Splashing. Talking. Waving. Walking. Dolphin doing whatever she wants.

 We met up with Clay and Rebekah again. We really liked the upside-down jellies and Moon jellies.
 We left the Aquarium and picked up some Chipotle to eat for dinner. We were seated outside by this very unassuming planter. However, at closer inspection I noticed there was a mother duck sitting on her eggs. What an unusual spot for a nest.
 Just down the pier was a 9-11 memorial with actual pieces from the Pentagon and Twin Towers.

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Heather said...

Wow! That is soooo cool. I don't think I'm going to let Camryn see this post though, she thought it was pretty neat just touching a dolphin at SeaWorld when we went over Thanksgiving weekend, and we waited about 45 minutes to get to do that. She will be bugging me forever to go back to Virginia so she could do this too.