Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had a nice Easter dinner together. I like to cook a spiral-cut ham with my own "honey-baked glaze". This year we also bought a cute bunny bread from Great Harvest. 
 After dinner we got ready for our 3rd Annual Block Easter Egg Hunt. My neighbor, Ginger Finney, and I really have a fun time organizing this. This year we asked the kids drop off 25 filled eggs before hand. Clay and John Finney have the fun task of hiding them. We had about 15 kids. We divided the lawns into 3 different sections so we could allow each age group their own area. It seemed to really work well.
The youngest group
The middle group (age 4-7)
The older group, ready to go!!
All the kids lined up
Enjoying their spoils.

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