Thursday, July 5, 2012

The scream

Our garden has been growing very nicely this year. I did not plant as much variety as previous years. Just stuck to the few things that work well and we like to eat. 

I did NOT plant any tomatoes this year. That has really seemed to eliminate our squirrel_problem. Our zucchinis are starting to come in now. 

It has been a few days since I went in to check on things. I went out while it was still early, before it gets too hot to see what "pickings" I had. I also went around watering from our rain barrel. It's a new addition to our garden this year, but is sure does take a long time to water from it. I usually put the hose down in one section while I pick and weed in another section. Then I switch sections to water and weed.  I also decided this morning that it was time to pull out the peas. It is now too hot for them and they are turning brown and brittle. 

I had been out in the garden for well over 30 minutes by now. It was time to move the hose again and start weeding around the herbs. I moved the hose. I turned to go towards the herbs.


I caught my breathe, gathered my "pickings" and left. I called Clay. He called our neighbor who said he could help when he got home from work. I did not go back out there until Mr. Sholly came knocking.

This is what I saw...

A very long back snake hanging dead. Having gotten tangled up in the bird netting on top. And with the heat we have been having, it would not have taken long. 

This is not the first_time I have found a snake in our garden.

I'm telling you, this is about enough for me to stop gardening all together. I'm tolerating the bugs and the spiders. I've solved the squirrel problem. But I can NOT handle these snakes!!

Some of you are probably saying "but black snakes are not poisonous". I don't care if it is poisonous or not. It is still a snake. It can still bite you. And it is still creepy. 

I think the reason for the snakes is that birds keep building their nests at the top of those wooden posts under our deck. Both snakes have been directly below a bird's nest. I'm sure they are hoping to get some fresh eggs. 

I suppose I can knock down the nests as soon as I see them building one. But I am not convinced that that will get rid of the snakes. 

And it's really freaking me out.

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