Monday, July 23, 2012

New Camera & Demolition Derby

I mentioned earlier that our camera was not working well. It will still take pictures as long as you don't need a flash. The flash will not charge. We have changed the battery several times and still no charge on the flash. We bought that camera while we were on vacation in 2008.

We are getting ready to go on vacation again. I can not bring a dysfunctional camera with me. After spending a lot of time on I finally decided on this one.
A Nikon Coolpix P510.
Here are some shots from while I was playing around with it.
 Love Rebekah in the background there!
 Here I am just taking some shots of the trees that lost their tops during the derecho that came through the night before our Barbecue_for_Independence.

Tonight we went to the county fair. We stopped at the midway carnival so the girls could go on a quick ride or two. Emma chose this one:
 That's Emma at the top with the white shirt.

Rebekah chose the Fun House. Clay went with her. He accidentally stepped on the back of her sandal and the plastic thong part pulled right out. We ended up having to carry her around for most of the night with a broken sandal. 
 The real reason for our visit to the fair was for the demolition derby! Check out the cars before they got all wrecked.

 We stopped by the petting zoo area of the fair on our way out. This camel was very friendly.

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