Monday, May 23, 2011

Another garden visitor

Clay called from work and asked for some salad for dinner. I went out to the garden with my bucket to pick lettuce and radishes. As I walked up the robins were making a fuss. Dumb birds. That's what you get for building your nest right above my garden. I'm going to be out here a lot, so you better get used to it. Okay, so they are a little louder than they usually are, and one of them keeps hoping toward me and away. That is a little strange. Well, I need to get some lettuce. I'm just going reach up and undo the clips on the gate and ....

SNAKE!! That's right. My hand was on that little green carabiner clip when I saw him. I did not scream, but I did jump back as far as I could!!! And then I quietly paniced within myself trying to figure out what to do. I had some extra garden stakes nearby so I grabbed the longest one and tried to pull him out by his tail. No luck, the snake is stuck. Actually wrapped in and out of the small netting on top.
I went back inside to call Clay and let him know that there would be no salad tonight. Or EVER if I don't get rid of this snake. Then I called our friend, Martin Nesbitt (an avid wildlife lover), to see if he could help me. He got here in 5 minutes or less! He carefully snipped that snake out of the netting, placed him in a pillowcase, and drove him off to some OTHER wilderness area. YOU'RE MY HERO!!


Ellie said...

You should compare snake stories with Eva! And what will you do when the Nesbitts move??

Rozanne said...

Maybe you should have made snake salad? :)