Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sleep tight

Happy Father's day!! We took care of Clay today. Brought him breakfast in bed, made his favorite soup for dinner, played games together as a family, and got him a puzzle of the space shuttle launch.
Then, Rebekah and I had to leave them for a sleep study. Rebekah has been having trouble hearing, mainly do to multiple ear infections. She also has HUGE tonsils. I took her to an ENT who ordered an x-ray and a sleep study. Check out the big bed she got to sleep in (actually, we got to share it. It was either that or the chair.)
All hooked up. She did really well until they strapped the oxygen sensor under her nose. The technician came in several time during the night to reattach sensors and things. I also got kicked for most of the night. So I did not get a good night sleep and went to bed at 8:30 the next night.

We won't find out the results of all these tests until we talk the the ENT again in another week.

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