Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piano Recital, Woodchuck and Juniors, oh my!

We had a very busy evening. First, Emma has her last piano recital. Her teacher is due to have baby #3 any day. She is taking the summer off and we hope to resume again when school starts. Emma did a great job!
After the piano recital we saw a woodchuck (or groundhog, take your pick) on the side of the road. No one seems to believe me that they are out here. Every time someone visits I try to point them out, put they never see them. So, today, with the camera in my lap, I was ready to catch one on film.
We raced from the piano recital to Emma's Bridge to Juniors ceremony. There is Emma, right under the sign. Looks like we are going to do another year of girl scouts, so if you want cookies, keep us in mind in December and January -we will be taking orders! :)

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