Friday, June 3, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Today was the Graduation Ceremony for Rebekah's preschool. She will be there again next year, so she didn't really graduate, but they had cute certificates to give to all the kids.
Her preschool is at one of the local high schools. Her student teacher was Alexis. She brought home lots of pictures that they drew together and hung up on her wall.
The carpool group with Ms. Corwine, who is retiring this year. Aaron, Luke, Landon, Rebekah, Emily, Hadley, and Liam. It was a bit of a drive over there, but I only had to make the drive once a week. It was fun listening in on the conversations of 5 preschoolers for the 25 minute drive. They were pretty crazy.
The preschool had a few little cap and gowns for the kids if they wanted to take a picture in them. Rebekah wanted to bring the "dress" home with her. So, we have a picture to remember it by.

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