Friday, August 8, 2014

Outing with Jay

We got a tip from Emma's orchestra teacher that there were some free concerts at Tyson's Corner. The concert for tonight is Lindsey Stirling, one of Emma's favorite performers. She dances and plays the violin. We got in line for our free tickets as soon as the mall opened.
 Next we headed out to the National Harbor to hang out with Uncle Jay. We walked around "The Awakening" sculpture. We took a ride on the ferris wheel. 
We walked around the shops. They had a whole store devoted to Peeps! We walked by a new restaurant called The Walrus: Oyster & Ale House. I immediately thought of the tale from Alice in Wonderland. However, Jay and Clay thought of the Beatles song.
Then we went back to Tyson's Corner for the concert. Emma was thrilled to see Lindsey Stirling in person. 

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