Monday, August 11, 2014

Hershey Park

After we dropped off Clay, the girls and I drove over to Hershey Park. The girls and I had tons of fun.

 The next day we went to the Crayola Factory. I know I took some photos, but I can't find a single one. Somehow they must have gotten deleted from my computer. :(

Luckily they still have some of the cool things they brought home. The girls enjoyed making their own crayon figure (a crayola man and a ring). They also got to make their own markers and watch them being made. We also got to watch how crayons are made. It's a very cool process.

Our favorite was naming your own crayon. They have different colors to choose from and then you can personalize them. We made: Frozen Heart, Emma's Viola, Link's Tunic, Heidi's, and Harry's Firebolt. Emma made another one for her friend Olivia. I think she called it Olivia's Sunshine.

All this was done BEFORE we went into the gift shop. The girls found a cute crayola tin that they wanted. The price included filling it up. They had bins for each color of crayon and marker. Some really cool metallic, neon, and skin tone crayons. We figured out a way to but a divider in the tin and let both the girls pick out crayons and markers to fill it with.

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