Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Furniture

I love my husband. Excuse me while I show him just how much. xoxoxoxo

OK, I'm back. Did I mention I love my husband?

After 15 years of marriage (and much patience), he bought me bedroom furniture. Yay! 
We moved up to a king size bed so I would have a little more room to sleep. 
Now I just need to pick a paint color.

This is the dresser I used to use. It was Clay's when he was a baby. Not sure if it was new or used at that point. Two of the handles broke off and I couldn't find replacements so I had a very difficult time getting my clothes out of those drawers.  
Clay had an old night stand he had been using. When we picked it up to move it, it fell apart in several pieces. He also had a small dresser he got from Alta who he rented a room from when we first met. Whenever he pulled open a drawer it would tip down and spill out all the contents. He had to either just open it just a little and reach his hand in or support it with his knee so it wouldn't tip. We did buy a brand new mattress when we first got married but we just put it on the metal frame from the store. We never got a headboard or anything for it. In our townhouse I had painted a headboard on the wall.

Hooray for finally getting grown-up furniture! 

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