Monday, July 14, 2014

The scenery is changing

First, one of our trees got damaged in a storm about a year ago. It had a large split running down it's trunk. It still stood tall, but was slowing starting to lean into the woods. We could tell by the angle that it would not hit our house nor our neighbors house. Today, a few day after a storm I heard some crackling. I called for the girls and we all ran onto the deck and watched this tree come down. We will need to get a tree trimmer to come and take it down the rest of the way.
 Meantime, they have started to work on the park. First, they came in and cleared out the underbrush. Now they are taking out all the trees. It is amazing to watch. They just seem to tap the tree with their backhoe and the whole tree comes falling down. Then they grab it, shake off all the dirt and move it to a pile for logging. 
It breaks my heart. I love gazing out on these woods.
Here's a couple days later:

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