Saturday, July 26, 2014

Swim Team

We had a great season on swim team this year. Emma swam with the 11&12's and Rebekah swam with the 7&8's. Here's some photos of Rebekah in action: She got new goggles about halfway through the season. Rebekah decided she really like Breaststroke.

Here's our Emma. Her favorite stroke is butterfly. At the awards night she got the "Dead Bug Fear Award". Apparently there were a few morning where there were a lot of dead bugs in the pool. She would not get in for practice because of all the dead bugs. We didn't find out about that til that night. She was still a big help to the team. She volunteered as a Junior Coach helping the 6 & Under kids during practice.
 Here is how Clay & I spend most of the swim meets. All the families need to volunteer so many hours to help run all the swim meets. Now that both the girls are swimming, Clay & I can volunteer together. Our favorite job is timer. We have our backs to each other in this picture because we are timing for different lanes. I'm the one in the big hat. I always wear it at the pool.

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