Friday, March 7, 2014

Virginia CAR State Conference

We have been working so hard to get a flag for our society.
Then a prospective member in our DAR chapter volunteered to make our flag! She makes flags for a living. For churches and schools and such. 
Here is our complete flag! She did an amazing job! It's double-sided. The same on the front and the back. That was 36 hours of work.
We wanted the flag to bring to State Conference. All the societies have the opportunity march their flags in at the beginning of the meeting on Fri evening and Sat morning. Then if your society wins awards at National, you may get a ribbon to add to your flag.
Georgia had the honor of being our flag bearer. 
Emma and Rebekah helped out as Pages this year.
That evening was the Candidates' party where they get to meet the kids running for State offices. They had a great time.

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