Saturday, March 8, 2014

Awards Banquet

Saturday morning was another business meeting. The girls walked in as pages again.
It was time to vote for State officers.
Emma felt sick during the voting and got up and left during the middle of it. Sent everyone into a panic.

After the meeting they had colonial games and things to explore.
We had a break between the morning meeting and the awards banquet. The kids couldn't wait to get in the pool! Here's Georgia & Rebekah with Spencer and Emma in the background.
That evening was the Awards Banquet. We all got to dress up for the evening.
During the awards I asked Rebekah to go get an award for our society. She freaked out. She started yelling "I don't want to go up there! I don't know what to do! Why do you make me go up there. Why can't you just leave me alone!" We were sitting in the very back of the room. I noticed a few officers up in the front snickering. She was that loud.

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