Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's about time

We have graduated from dumb-phones for smartphones. 
Look how big those things are compared to our old phones!!
Notice the crack on the screen of the black phone. 
That happened about a week after I got it...3 years ago!
Our main reason for switching is because we realized that we were using our cell phones a lot more now. 
Mainly, the amount of texting that Clay was doing for his calling at church (Elders Quorum President). I refused to text anything more than Yes, No, or OK. It just wasn't fun to turn off the crazy auto spell, then hit each keypad number multiple times to get to the right letter. But I would make long calls to my mom or someone while I was out. I have also been using an iPod Touch to keep my calendar, contacts, and other fun stuff. 

We made a spread sheet and looked at how often we were "topping-off" our pay-as-you-go phones and realized it was more often that we thought. We asked around and looked at a few different plans and finally decided on Ting. We bought our refurbished phones on eBay. Clay figured out that even adding in the cost of our phones to our monthly bill Ting was cheaper than our old plan.

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