Saturday, May 11, 2013

War Memorial Ceremony

Rebekah and I went to a ceremony to honor veterans from 3 different wars in one cemetery. This one tiny church cemetery had veterans from the American Revolution, War of 1812, and the Civil War (Confederate Soldiers only). It all started out as an Eagle Project. You can read more about it here. They had mounted cavalry, a bagpiper, artillery salute, and cannons. 
 Rebekah wanted a picture with the soldiers.
There one one part of the ceremony that I had a problem with. Right after we did the Pledge of Allegiance, we did the Pledge to the Confederate Flag (I didn't even know there was a pledge for it). It says "I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Confederacy, and to the ideals for which it stands". 

Okay. So I live in the South now. Not the deep south, but Virginia is still part of the South. If it had been part of the North there wouldn't be a West Virginia today. I admire Robert E. Lee. Even did a report on him in middle school back in California. 

That being said, I don't want to pledge any allegiance to what the Confederate flag stands for. Well, I'm not sure what exactly they think it stands for. I'm just thinking about tobacco, cotton, plantations, and slaves. I'm not pledging my allegiance to slavery!! So I didn't recite it and was surprised by how many people were reciting it. Maybe they saw it as just 'historical', but it felt wrong to me.

I don't understand why the South is so proud of their Confederate heritage. The confederates fought for what they believed in. I can respect that. I just don't agree with what they believed in. Then again, I don't have any ancestors from the South, so it is hard to understand.

Correcton: I finally found the program I brought home. We actually did the Salute to the Confederate Flag which says: "I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence and undying devotion to the cause for which it stands." My feelings still apply.

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