Saturday, May 18, 2013

C.A.R. and Star Trek

I know. Children of the American Revolution and Star Trek don't actually go together. But it's my blog.

We had our CAR Society meeting at the Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum. It was supposed to be outside at the benches, but it was pouring down rain. Luckily the museum was free today!

Today we were voting on new officers. There were two nominations for president, Spencer and Emma. They both read speeches about what they wanted to do as president. They both did a great job.
 Time to vote!
 Emma didn't get president, but she will be serving as vice president.

After the meeting the kids had fun exploring the museum. Rebekah loved the country store and pretended to be the shopkeeper. Other kids enjoyed riding around on the little tractors.

Now for a little Star Trek fun. Clay and I went to the new movie theater to see the latest Star Trek movie. As part of the fun, the theater had a cut-out picture of the original cast. Meet the new Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura.

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