Monday, November 5, 2012

Have you pinned it?

Have you been on Pinterest? I can (and have) spend hours looking at fun crafts, tasty recipes, and cool places to visit. I pin lots of things. And now I took some time to make some of the things I pinned.

My first project was a coaster tray seen here. Basically just a piece of wood with coasters glued on and a letter sticker in the corner for each member of the family. I liked that idea because I don't like sharing cups. But I also want to keep a glass out and use it all day long for water. I usually keep my cup on the  counter next to the fridge. And the girls frequently knock it over when they are climbing up to get markers or glue or paint or tape out of the cupboard. I found a storage_tray at Joanns that had 4 compartments. That solved the knocking over problem. I then used my Cricut and scrapbook paper to cut out initials for each of us. Then I used Mod Podge to glue and seal it. 
Another challenge in our house is organizing hair accessories. With two girls and one crafty mom, we have a lot! I looked around on pinterest, but there were not a lot of solutions for hair ties. I already had a ribbon_memory_board, but I didn't like the colors. So I tore off the ribbon, pulled out the buttons and  painted it. Then I added new ribbon to match. Now for the hair ties. I decided to use magnetic spice jars on a cute metal plate. I found this pink one at Joanns. Each spice jar contains a different type of accessory, from bobby pins to ties, to clips.
Finally, my friend just had a her first baby and I wanted to make a baby quilt for her. She put a beautiful vinyl tree mural in the nursery. I wanted a quilt to go with the theme. I found_this_one and loved it. I changed the colors. I also used my Creative Memories Circle Cutters to cut out the circles. I added quite a few more circles to the tree. I machine stitched everything. Here is my finished quilt.


Heather Rose-Chase said...

Heidi, that is a beautiful quilt! Great job! You are so creative and talented!

Joe said...

Heidi... this is Joe McFarland, Clay's mission companion. I would like to send you a Christmas card in the mail and need your mailing address. We received yours and I kept the envelope for your address but misplaced it somehow! Thanks:) Merry Christmas and happy new year! Tell Clay I said hi and that I miss him. I hope you all are well and that someday we can get together once more. Take care, Joe

claynheidi said...

Joe, give us your updated e-mail address. Your old one no longer works.
Clay & Heidi