Monday, November 19, 2012

Good things come... large packages! 
The girls were so excited to see this huge dish pack box with their names on it. Inside was a doll bed for each of their American Girl dolls. This was a combined effort from their Auntie Heather (supplied the beds) and Grandma Chase (supplied the bedding). Thank you!!! 

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Heather Rose-Chase said...

Cute! I had my Dad build the beds for the girls but ran out of time before we moved to Macau to make quilts. I'm so glad your mom stepped in! I have one identical to theirs that my grandfather built for me when I was a little girl (which is what my Dad used as a pattern). I still have it and when Nathan was born, I laid him in it and surrounded him with stuffed bears and took some photos. (I did not have him actually sleep in it!). I'm glad they liked them, sorry it took two years longer than expected to finally get them to the girls!