Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Rebekah

Happy Birthday my sweet Rebekah!!
She wanted a Barbie Swan Lake cake. Here she is wearing her Swan Lake costume to match her cake. I decided this may be the last time she wants princesses for her birthday so I had better act now. I have been wanting to do these petite princess cakes for a few years now. So she got lots of little princess cakes. For he big "Barbie" cake I used a Wilton Doll Pick and a Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl.  For the petite princesses I used the actual Disney Princess polly pocket type dolls and Pampered Chef 1-cup prep bowls.
Rebekah got mostly all Brave (Princess Merida) stuff for her birthday. We invited the Williams and the Rosenlunds over to help us eat all of our birthday cakes. That's way too much cake for just the 4 of us! Most of the girls got their own petite princess which made them all very happy.

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