Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference Weekend

Twice a year our church holds a General_Conference. There are 4 sessions (+1 for the men), 2 hours each, over the weekend. It is an opportunity for us to receive direction and counsel from our prophet and other church leaders.

While I know this is what I need most spiritually, it can be a challenge to sit for 8 hours. So I have developed a bit of a strategy to make it an enjoyable weekend for all of us.

Cheez-itz for Conference_Bingo
Crayons to color the ties of each speaker
Oatmeal_Carmelitas as a reward if the girls are quiet
popcorn and M&Ms for snacks
7-layer dip for lunch
dinner in the crock-pot so I can sit and listen

Then on Saturday evening is the extra session just for the men. I put the girls to bed, grab my iPod and go into the basement to scrapbook while Clay is at his meeting.

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